drug abortion free

now a lot of jual obat aborsi online circulating on the internet. Its use is as easy as Cytotec Drug for example. A drug specifically used for pregnancy abortion under 9 weeks will cause uterine contractions to pregnant women who use it. So the uterus will be forced to forcibly abort the contents
An abortion drug similar to this can also be used only for pregnant women who are fit and have no major illness and no medical treatment is required. against a clearly defined illness like a severe blood shortage would cause considerable and deadly bleeding for the state of the female body. the use of abortion drugs is clearly forbidden in Indonesia, but the article of urgent need of women who are pregnant out of wedlock so that many demand for abortion
This method of choosing more safe than to beat the content or collapse with a hard collision to get the fetus out
How abortion drug work like cytotec drug after use one is:
1Feeling. painful cramps
After taking the abortion drug, the first time that will be felt is the cramps in the stomach is quite painful. As if the stomach feels frozen and stiff. You do not need was this article is an area of ​​abortion drug work
2Look out. blood from the vagina more
If your menstruation will have dirty blood coming out of the vagina, well when this abortion is also so but the blood is red and more than the blood of menstruation
3Rasa. severe nausea and vomiting
After the blood comes out a lot of it will feel a great nausea, then unconsciously you will vomit. This is the response form the body rejects the abortion drug into the body. ultimately the uterus will continue to be stimulated to damage the fetus and remove it by force. this system takes part of the hour
4Diare After this could be you will many times to the stomach chamber bathroom as if feels like diarrhea and out a lot of fluid from the buttocks. like diarrhea but that came out not all shaped dirt, the fluid-fluid clear that also come out
5Contraction. uterus
After that will feel the uterine contractions are very severe and the body relieve fever or taste that is less enjoyable body. this condition can be called the fetus is being destroyed and gradually will decay all
6Janin. destroyed and out through the menstrual path
After the destroyed fetus will be forced out through the menstrual path. The fetal cut can be seen to be independent of the age of the fetus. when the older the fetus size will be any larger
Cytotec drugs and obat aborsi online only share 90% successful possibility, repeat again if there is no equivalent effect. Stop using when heavy bleeding lasts and never finishes. Call a doctor or take it to the hospital if the bleeding is considered deadly and threatening the lives of pregnant women
Remember, this abortion trial can not be done playfully. chapters when this is executed and the results are unsuccessful, after which let the fetus be born. The greatest subject that may be underway is a permanent disability from birth. You will have a defective child from birth
Especially for gestational age of more than 12 weeks or 48 days calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period should not apply abortion drugs. although it may work, but risk factors that will be felt can be higher or very high. the risks can be serious complications, heavy bleeding to pain and other unexpected matters.